As of May 2018 Norwegian law requires users be informed when collecting data from them (ref. Personopplysningsloven § 19).

This policy will explain what information we collect, how they are stored and how we use them (ref. Personopplysningsloven § 18 1. ledd).

Amundsen Diving, through its managing director, holds liability for the business’ use and handling of users’ personal information.

This website collects personal information through the following tools:

  • Google Analytics (Visits analysis and statistics)
  • Google Maps (location data)
  • Google Web Fonts (Visits analysis)
  • Youtube/Vimeo (Visits analysis , viewing info)
  • Language chooser

What’s a «cookie»?

A cookie – an information capsule – is a technology employed on most websites on the internet. It’s a small segment of data saved on your device, which can contain a variety of information about your user of the website. It can for example remember your login, what settings you’ve chosen to activate, which pages you visit on our site, what links you visit and so on.

Visits analysis and statistics

Google Analytics is a tool to analyse the traffic to this website, provided by Google Inc («Google»). The tool uses cookies to analyse how the user uses and traverses the website. This information is stored on Google’s own servers in USA.

Google compile reports based on the information they collect, and uses it to evaluate the traffic of the website. This information may be shared with third party if required to by law, or in cases where third parties perform work on the datasets on behalf of Google.

IP addresses collected by Google Analytics are anonymized, and can not be traced back to the user.

Read more about how Google manages your data here:

Byrået Design & Profilering AS can access our Google Analytics data as part of their duties in operating, maintaining and improving the website.

Google Web Fonts

To ascertain a consistent font across all devices, the website employs webfonts delivered to the site from Google. When you open up a page with the website, your web browser loads the font you require and save it to your device’s cache.

To do this, your web browser has to connect to Google’s servers and download the font. In doing this, Google will discover and track that you have visited our website. This is not information that we have access to.

We use Google Web Fonts to ascertain that the fonts remain consistent on the website, in addition to aesthetic reasons. If your web browser does not support webfonts, a standard font on your device will be employed by the web browser.

Read more on Google Web Font’s managing of data here:

Furthermore, read more on how Google in general manage data here:

Location data

The website employs Google Maps to show our location. Google Maps can collect information about the user, for example the position and IP-address.

Information collected by Google Maps is saved on Google’s servers in USA, and we do not have access to these.

Read more about how Google manages data here:


We use YouTube/Vimeo to show videos on our website. These services collect information such as your IP-address, which browser you use, technical information about your device and what time you visit the page.

Information collected by YouTube/Vimeo are saved on Google/Vimeo’s servers in USA, and we do not have access to these.

Read more about how Vimeo manages data here:

Read more about how Youtube manages data here:

Language chooser

When choosing a language a cookie is saved on your device to remember the chosen language. This way, you’ll see the same language as what you’ve chosen next time you visit as well.


The companies Byrået Design & Profilering AS and DigitalOcean Inc. can access personal information saved on our server through their duties operating, maintaining and improving the website.

Personal information saved on our servers are managed through the same security measures as the rest of the website.

For questions or requests for insight, correction or deletion, contact us:

Cecilie Tingvoll Hope

Assisting managing director, Amundsen Diving

+47 915 18 622