At Amundsen Diving we have a selection of ROVs for use in sea and water. Read more about the properties and specifications of them below.

Our ROVs

ROV I. Foto: Steinar Hystad, Stordnytt

ROV I (Scuba)

ROV-system I is permanently affixed aboard the M/S Scuba, and can be operated in parallel with diving operations.

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ROV II (Container)

ROV-system II is container-based, and can be operated from practically anywhere with access to power and water.

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ROV III (Seabotix)

Seabotix LBV300-5 is a small, but very capable ROV that can be deployed on operations down to 300 meters.

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ROV IV (Gladius)

The Gladius underwater drone is equipped with 5 thrusters. It can used down to depth of 100 meters, and delivers very good quality with its built-in 4k ultra HD camera. We can livestream this to phone or tablet.

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