ROV-system II is container-based, and can be operated from practically anywhere with access to power and water.

The 20”-container contains – aside from the ROV itself – an operation room, office, workshop w/ reserve parts, and a winch for cable.

ARGUS Mariner 2 is a medium class electric work-ROV, with 6 powerful, brushless thrusters for secure and stable operation down to 1000 m. The ROV is almost identical to the Argus Mariner 1, and they are interchangeable when required for additional operational safety.

The ROV has two manipulating arms, as well as options for mounting and operating several additional hydraulic tools.

Sonars, several cameras, lights and underwater navigational equipment makes it well-suited to work operations, inspections, search and mapping.

All route data is saved within the ROV’s onboard computers, and is available for later documentation of routes, search areas and similar.

Technical information

Main dimensions and capacities

Depth Capability: 1000 m (2000 m option)

Thrust forward/lateral: 90 kg

Thrust vertical: 60 kg

Vehicle Dimensions: Height: 120 cm Width: 120 cm Length: 170 cm

Vehicle weight in air: 900 kg

Vehicle weight in water: Slightly positive buoyancy

Operational information

Heading Control: Automatic / manual, fluxgate compass and fiberoptic gyro

Depth Control: Automatic / manual

Altitude Control: Automatic 0 to 18 m above bottom level (option)

Pan/Tilt 1 ROS PT 10

Sonar Tritec – King Fisher 675 – 325kHz scanning sonar.

Power Source: Input 220V/380/440V 3 phase, 15-25 kVA depending on configuration and tooling

Control System: Computerized

Control Console: Pilot control panel with multifunction joystick in 19 in. stand alone panel. Allows vehicle operations at a distance from the control console.

Video monitors: Rack mounted in 19 in. Chassis, PAL or NTSC.

Video overlay unit with keyboard 19 in. Rack computer with SVGA 19 in. Video recorder/ video switcher / video printer (option).

Power Distribution Unit: Contains current meters for vehicle power, voltage meters for input power and all control data.

Switching controls: Contains 3 phase 50/60 Hz transformers.

Input power system: 220/380/440 VAC.

Payload: 150 kg standard, but can be modified.

Lights: 2 x 250 W dimmable Halogen lights, 2 x HID Gas lights

Propulsion System: 6 x 2 HP, 4 Horizontal in 45 deg., 2 vertical.

Viewing System: 1 High resolution colour camera with 12 x zoom, focus and autofocus.3 cameras in total.

Cable: The umbilical cable is slightly negative buoyant kevlar braided cable containing 3 power conductors, optical fibres and twisted pairs. Cable diameter 22 mm .

Manipulators: 1 x 5 function + 1 x 3 function manipulator. Special grip for manipulators.

HPU: Hydraulic power pack 8 kw , and controlpackage for HPU.

Sub bottom profiler: To map cables and pipes under bottom level

Tools: Drilling machine, tensioning tool, waterjet, grinder cutting equipment for wires, cables, anchor chains ie. can be operated from the vehicle as options.