At Amundsen Diving we host strong baselines for safety and quality in our work. Our employers will be safe knowing every operation is done according to routines and procedures that maintain the health and wellbeing of lives, equipment and nature.

Amundsen Diving has given input to the labor inspection bureau’s regulations for «safety and health in the process of working under water or under heavy pressure». The manager of the daily operations of Amundsen Diving, Geir Amundsen, is also on the expert panel NORSOK, and has been selected chairman of Norway’s industry union for underwater entrepreneurs – Norges Bransjeforening for Undervannsentreprenører (NBU).

Norges bransjeforening for undervannsentrepenører (NBU)

The NBU is an industry organization for underwater entrepreneurs. Its goals as an organization is to facilitate constructive development of the industry. This is achieved through continuous work for better health, safety and environment, as well as further the industry knowledge of underwater work in general.

To accomplish this, NBU runs an information campaign for its participating member businesses. For this purpose, NBU develop practical and defensible guidelines and procedures to aid in the implementation of the members’ HSE duties.

Builders utilizing NBU-members for diving and underwater work will be met with an entrepreneur hosting certified personnel, and robust system for fulfilling HSE duties. Employing an NBU-member business is the guarantee for quality and safety, and is the foundational insurance against potential liability in the event of a fault.

Here you’ll find NBUs Industry Standard for inshore diving.

This industry standard is revised 22.2.2019, in accordance with regulations, FOR 2011-12-06 nr 1357: Regulation for performing work, use of work equipment and relevant technical requirements. Industry standard will be revised upon changes in regulations.

When diving on landbased oil installasjons NORSOK U-103 is employed as the ruling industry standard.