Since the foundation of Amundsen Diving in 1976 we’ve been a pioneer of commercial diving- and ROV- operations in Norway. As an early adopter, Amundsen has been involved in defining the routines and procedures that drive the industry.

Leif Georg Amundsen founded Amundsen Diving AS in 1976, and he quickly built a wide competence in the field, with a large collection of people in his employment. On some missions, crews approached 40 divers and ROV-operators performing contract work. Today, the business is operated by his sons – Geir and Morten.

Located by the ferry harbor in Rubbestadneset in Bømlo municipiality, placed between Bergen and Stavanger, our base is ideal because of its closeness to all operations along the Norwegian coast. Nine full time employees make up our base crew, five of them divers, all of them boasting a wide experience in diving- and ROV- operations.

The work is performed from the M/S Scuba, or via our container-based ROV- and diving systems. We dive down to depths of 50 meters, and our ROV operations reach depths down to 1000 meters.

Our vision is the same as it was in 1976, to become the nation’s leading actor in delivering certified diving- and ROV-operations for inshore- and offshore-markets. We operate by the same principles as well: Security – energy – professionality – added value.