Gult og rødt fartøy

M/S “Scuba”

M/S “Scuba” has an integrated diving system certified for diving to -50 mvd and ROV-system.

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M/S “Basen”

M/S “Basen” has a large deck, lounge, workshop, office, locker room and 7 cabins with their own shower and toilet.

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GRIP is a workboat used for deployment and easy access.

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ARGUS Mini is permanently affixed aboard the M/S Scuba, and can be operated in parallel with diving operations.

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ROV II (Container)

ROV-system II is container-based, and can be operated from practically anywhere with access to power and water.

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II: Container-based

Diving System II is built as a contained solution – in a container, with pressure chamber and all the necessary equipment.

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