ARGUS Mini er permanent plassert ombord i M/S Scuba, og kan opereres parallelt med dykkeroperasjoner.

Teknisk informasjon

Main Dimensions and Capacities
Depth Capability: 600 m
Thrust forward/lateral: 40/28 kg
Thrust vertical: 24 kg
Vehicle Dimensions: Length : 0.9m Width : 0.65m Height : 0.5m
Vehicle weight in air: 100 kg
Vehicle weight in water: Syntactic foam

Operational Information
Heading Control: Automatic / manual, fluxgate compass and fibre optic gyro
Depth Control: Automatic / manual
Power Source: 230VAC , 3kW, 16A Single-phase
Control System: Computerized
Control Console: Pilot chair, Surface Control box
Video monitors: Rack mounted in 19 in. Chassis,HD-1080i, PAL or NTSC, Video overlay unit with keyboard 19 in. Rack computer
Power Distribution Unit: contains current meters for vehicle power, voltage meters for input power and all control data
Switching controls: Contains 3 phase 50/60 Hz transformers

Input power system: 220 VAC
Payload: 5 kg standard, but can be modified
Lights: 2 x Argus 130W LED Lights, gives 23 000 lumen, 5600 Kelvin in total
Propulsion System: 6 x electric, 4 Horizontal and 2 vertica
Viewing System: Argus RS 1080i camera, CCD Colour camera superwide and BW low light camera – 3 cameras in total
Cable: The umbilical cable is slightly negative buoyant Kevlar braided cable containing 3 power conductors, optical fibres and twisted pairs. Cable diameter 22 mm
Manipulators: Open/Close